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3 Christmas jumpers with new bold designs ready for Chrsitmas 2021, one says chilling with my snomies, the other one says merry fizzmas and the last one says nice until proven naughty

The New Christmas Jumpers For 2021

After having nearly 2 years of not being able to celebrate, Christmas 2021 looks like it is going to be one of the biggest festive seasons to date. We ourselves have noticed a boom in Christmas jumper sales during this summer, we know customers are planning ahead by getting the novelty sweaters in the wardrobe, ready for the festivities :) 

We created and added a few more sweaters to our Christmas Jumper range this year, the new designs are simple and bold. Since the 1980's when Christmas jumpers became popular they haven't change a huge amount, it was based around a family relative knitting jumpers and giving them to loved ones. In recent years this doesn't happen, which is a shame, the jumpers are all just manufactured and the personalised touch has been lost. We want to change this, our Christmas jumpers are all individually made to order by a member of the team, thus adding that personal touch.