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The Perfect Logo

The Perfect Logo

The reason branding is most important to a business is because it is how a company gets recognition and becomes known to the consumers. The logo is the most important element of branding, especially where this factor is concerned, as it is essentially the face of the company. This is why we created our logo to look professional and memorable, the splash of colour that creates the monkey face represents our creative side as a company. The name Original Monkey, was appropriated from our days back as apprentices. Here, we adopted the nickname ‘The Monkeys’ and when new apprentices started, it developed into ‘The Original Monkeys’. Not wanting to escape the core beliefs that we learnt in the beginning, we kept the name.

As a company we want to generate future business and having the right memorable logo can give a business value, which gives you leverage in your industry. 

Original Monkey has been going since 2012 and now we are firmly established within our industry.