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Quote Tote Bag No.3

  • 🇬🇧 All items are made and shipped by us from our Derbyshire Studio, UK.
  • 🚛 Dispatched within 3-5 days.

Tote bags with quotes on them are a trendy and fashionable accessory that has become popular in recent years. Our bags are made of durable and sturdy material, such as canvas or cotton, which makes them ideal for carrying books, groceries, or other essentials.

The quotes on our tote bags can vary from funny and lighthearted to inspirational and motivational. They can feature famous quotes from historical figures, lines from movies, songs or fashion designers, they can even have original phrases created by us or you!!!.

Many people enjoy using tote bags with quotes on them as a way to express their personality or beliefs. For example, a bag with a quote about saving the planet might be used by someone who is passionate about environmentalism, while a bag with a quote about the power of kindness might be used by someone who values empathy and compassion.

Overall, tote bags with quotes on them are a fun and practical accessory that can add a touch of personality and style to any outfit.

One of the best things about our tote bag is that it's environmentally friendly. By reusing this bag instead of constantly buying new ones, you're doing your part to help save the planet. Instead of contributing to the waste that comes from disposable bags, you can use this tote bag over and over again, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment.

Bag Capacity, 21 Litres
Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 19cm
Embroidery: 22" Tubular hoop
Washing Instructions: Sponge clean only.